Friday, May 30, 2008

UNITE BHARAT WITH Education & Infrastructure.

Bharat has very rich heritage of Vedic Science; which is beyond faith or religion. Our present school/collage curriculum eats-up a lot of time of youth & make them impotent at the end of course & at time of accreditation + make them out / away from productive working but make them dependent for even their personal necessities; making them think that they can barter it with money earning…. & Money earning for them also becomes long way away ending up in to compromise to accept any work which they could have done even without those diploma/degrees for which they waste so much precious /productive time of their life.

So Instead learning to be able to earn money, if the Science of living as taught by Vadas/ “Living in HARMONEY with nature & prosper” can be taught, a lot of productive ability of youth can be conserved. These can also enhance confidence building + unite entire population to make them “living for each other” as forces of natures are constants.

These Vedic science if explained by Audio-visual Exhibits can be taken to mass population very easily by way of creating centers similar to EPCOT Center Of Florida + TV/Media exposures, Discussion forums, preaching etc. at little to larger levels as National one point program.

5 such centers created in North, west, south & east + center can help educate mass + Infrastructure to connect them can create a lot of growth based on knowledge, confidence building & employment opportunity by inviting them to contribute in Nobel cause, in exchange of their living essentials, can take our country ahead of rest of the world + boost self esteem of individuals. Then after Indian shall be looked up-on with greater respect & leader to whom the world shall follow.

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Durgashanker Nagda said...

Excellent. This is exactly needed in Bharat. We must have right education -moral, ethics, honesyy, Vedic, life, spiritual and skill. India's all problems will stand solve if each and every Indian becomes patroit with high self-esteem.