Monday, May 26, 2008


“Off the Cuff” /GN Refers to giving “what name”?? To 50 years & above patrons.

Undoubtedly they are those lots of people who are razor-sharp in their skills & are in capacity to contribute a lot to the society but perhaps with reduced physical ability.

SANATAN-DHARMA à what is also known as Hindu Religion/Philosophy in the western media/world; BUT practicable by the entire human kind & not limited to be known belonging to people of certain geographical boundary ß Has given “Vanparasthi” as name to such people.

Sanatan Dharma divides life in to four equal parts of 25 years each called “Asram” & Describes duty in each segment of life. It provides Simple to follow & focused views for way of leaving gives sustainable growth & respect to inhibitors / leaving being of all ages.

3 rd of 4 Ashram of “Vanprasthis” are given duty to educate & lead the younger generations & use them as action force. In return, the younger generation takes care of providing graceful survival means to Vanprasthis.

Expensive & Commercialization of school- Colleges Medical services & old age homes can be substituted by the efforts of “Vanprasthis”. Society thus flourishes under care of experienced hands; without feeling burden of collecting taxes & managing it thru insensitive officers of the pension offices who pay dues of pensioners for the subsequent months BUT holds dues of the earlier months for the requirement of “Certificate of Living”.

Money dominated world Exhibits lot of glitters But lacks sensitivity & create fear complex in able youth.

Correction to these situations is easily adoptable, BY valuing experience of “Vanprasthis”, offering respect & allowing them to lead the social norms & perform their duties. Thus breaking jinks of domination by money & effectively makes the world better place to live.


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