Saturday, May 24, 2008


Please let the word secular not be misinterpreted.

If i am secular, doesn’t mean i am not Hindu.

A nation can not be Hindu or any other.

Like i belong to the set of parents which gives me identity, doesn’t mean i can't or don’t respect other parents ……… & also can’t/don't change my belonging.

Dharma/Faith has every thing to do with what fundamentals of nature & my position in it that i belong to.

Sanatan dharma represents the most basic /highest of phenomena of natural science. That is unchangeable, irrespective of individual/group/nation’s faith in it or not.

i don’t disrespect those who know little less...

i don’t change my faith BUT adhere to the purity of nature... & the result revels that more who wants to live & lead higher life automatically try & reach faith I belong to…

Faith is in my heart & not worthy any debate & Number in my group that makes my strength....

i exist as & propagate as part of nature’s phenomena

More like me constitute not only family /community/nation but become unchallengeable universal identity

Secular or any faith has nothing to do with Nation, majority, minority or any argument for or against but truly what each individual DO during life ……. Remembering that even he/she is going to part from this world empty handed……

Each night sleep belongs to deeds of the day…

i get good sleep….Do you….?? !!

S.P. Mehta
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