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May 29, 2006

Vandaniya Atman..

Please, may I express that “WHEN BORN, ..ALL ARE HINDU’ then they are converted in to other faith by their respective faith-guru

But there by they narrow their focus & don’t accept all the laws of nature & lead the life on to wrong path… (By allowing SHADRIPU to enter in to aachar in life, like jealousy, anxiety, etc.)

Where as, true Hindu be research fellow & keep on experimenting & adding constants of nature in to living habits… such cumulative constants are expressed in Vedas, Upanishads & such scriptures. Such forces of true sciences/constants of nature also called Satya Its followers are Satyarthi or so called Hindu in modern time.

Even a smaller in number, these stayarthis are doing only good to their lives unlike wrong believers of shallow faith who waste their time in increasing number of their followers… Why we waste our time objecting their works… !! Why worry for converts & converters… !!

After all it is the human birth in Bharat & its certain achievement/end = moksh
Let us know our own being & choose to be Moksharthi .

Let the focus be on swa-acharan & attain elevated status, which ONLY encourages the ones at lower level, to follow such Moksjharthis, to elevate their status…

All these for not to loose from the focus to target ( laksh-shuddhi) {what Acahary Drona promoted/graduated Vats Arjuna for}

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