Thursday, May 22, 2008

Quest is to find Question

The quest starts from knowing self & then knowing where I come from & where I go..

That leads to knowledge of being as part of nature where nature becomes sole supreme, as it represents everything including self + all the rest of phenomena around

To study the phenomena of nature is supreme study on planet earth


To suitably adopt the life on planet earth is in line with constants of nature, really is smart adaptation as it takes the conflicts out of life.

Accumulation of such adoptions points way to live life… experimented & adopted by ancestors & served to us on a silver-platter, ready for us to practice as rules to live & lead progressive life.

Those adopter became progressive living being & those who neglected were seen living beastly life.

How-ever the constants of nature never change with time…

Sun is the sole source of energy on planet earth… the rotation of Earth around Sun & Moon around Earth & its effect, elements of the planet, cycle of life & death itself etc are among such constants of nature & knowledge of constancy in cycle of Creation, Propagation & Destroying is knowledge of pure science …

Religion is practicing such knowledge in life, to make living free of unnecessary struggle.

When one limit him/her-self to adopt Islam or Christianity or Judaism etc… he/she limit to reach to the core of the pure science.

Number count of its followers with limits set for their wisdom does adversely represent liv’er of inferior life. It is like selecting the inferior thing when better or best is available… Why worship Moon when Sun exist ??

Beyond the above, the accumulation of practicable core science is known as “Sanatan Dharma” The adopters of it are known as “Sanatan Dharmi”. May be they are not big in number or strong in exhibiting power, but they live peaceful /exemplary life.

Life is only one & all going out of it empty handed, then why be against other leaving beings??

I belong to that Religion /”Sanatan Dharma”

For adopting life of present time… Learning of only Bhagvat-Puran…(One of eighteen Purans_+ Vedas & several other scriptures from Core Science) is sufficient. All answers are there… there is no focus/fight to increase number or possess more …. Its in scripts are not thousand – two thousand years old… they are many thousand years older then time in memorial..

The answers are already there … it is only quest to find questions..!!

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