Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Shri Subhash Chandra,
Zee Network.

Dear Sir,

My sincere thanks to Shri Subhash Jindal & Shri Bharatbhai Shah for inviting me/us to meet for “High Tea” with you, at Crown Plaza, Dubai.

May I take liberty to make following suggestions!

Æ Exhibit Highlighting Solutions to Problems & people behind it instead problems & views of non-decisive politicians & bureaucrats in particular & people in general.

Æ Prevent repetition of advertisements within 30 minutes & Blasting of volume during advertisement slots.

Æ Exhibit adherence to higher values & higher ability in life such that people respect & adopt to work for support to superior life rather then Life Style & materialistic runs.

Æ Sponsored Prime/Repeat slots for elaboration of Bhagvd Gita & Shreemad Bhagvat.

Æ Exhibit success in attitude in life by many instead one winner from many in competition & all the rest losers

Æ Exhibit qualitative advantage of natural products from Bharat & Encourage Bhartiya outside Bharat to insist on essentials produced “Hand Made in Bharta”

Æ Exhibit destructive influence of SHAD RIPUs (KAAM Krodh, Lobh. Mad & Matsary) + accumulation, such that viewers be willing to give it up.

Æ Let the theme of Zee network be Pro Sanatan Dharm (Universal Duties) & remain unaffected of its Communal divisive or commercial aspects.

Zee Network enjoys good viewer ship. Hence it can enjoy its own gyration; irrevalent to themes & commerce of various exhibits

Torch to lit path for bettermentà to up-lift life that is GIFT OF GOD – “FREE OF COST” is in your hand with great deal of responsibility; beyond multiplying money ….

May Al-Mighty give you courage & strength to perform your duty & run the same responsibly!

I / We stand in support all along… for such themes.


S.P. Mehta
Mobile:+971 50 657 2834

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