Thursday, May 1, 2008

Formula for Socio-Economic Reforms In Bharat.

Jan. 09, 2008.

In any social circuit, including from staff of government sector.. all is heard is NO IMPROVEMENT CAN BE DONE IN BHARAT

A minor looking policy shift crated big & lasting difference on Bharat’s entire population that is described in the following attachment:

British implemented their inferior education, that would lower self-esteem of Bhartiya population & rule over century to make all of them their servant/slave & made them to live with inferiority complex…that mind-set is dragged on till the year 2000.

The wind of change is now in the air Bhartiya Mass found all over the world. The world people recognize us Bhartiya as able performers. Engage & pay for their services.

It is time that we performers recognize ourselves true to our image, take specialized training if needed, be committed performers, stand with greater self-esteem & work for the value that we decide for self.

“Performer Is Greater Then The Payer” Hence we are in win-win situation all the way.

With the Minor Policy Shift keeping in mind, May I propose the following 5 point reform ideas & its way of implementation as recommended below:

1. Increase exchange rate of Rupee value 10 fold. i.e. 1 US $ = 4.0 Rs. Make it constant like unit weight. Rest of currencies may change but value of Rupee will not change & 1 or 2 Rupee fetch one standard meal.
2. Export only Human/Brain power in exchange of new rupee value. Use all other export products in-house to enhance life of Bhartiya in Bharat.
3. Identify & fix cost of all essential items for 25 years; such that every one have confidence of able to make adequate living, such that short-circuiting for making more money, neglecting duties are thrown out of society & performers is more respected then payers.
4. Reverse the move of British/ Meacaulay & include “Jeevan Lakshi” Vedic norms in primary/secondary education to make it culturally elevated & strong as MACAULY visualized such that all Bhartiya becomes leading /exemplary citizens above the rest of the world’s population.
5. Invest heavily in
a) Education to thrive for nothing lees then the best at all levels.
b) Agricultural sectors for greater self sufficiency.
c) Use mass media of communication to up-lift self-esteem of all the people

These shall enhance exportable ability via higher education of world standard
to cater local & world demand.
Make the buyers buy & pay us in Rupee

Publicize the confidence in ability to make best living via mass media by way of exemplary Skits & Dramas
Let the short-circuit-ers be black-sheep in the society.

It has been a long time, – over 60 years, from the independence & Republic… the present pathetic negativism can surely get converted from dark Night to Bright Dawn in very short time = The Gayatri Mantra chanting time.

Let us keek-off the idea… talk only about it & make it happen by converting the present mind-set “Nothing can be done in Bharat” to “We shall make it happen” at my own individual level to National level.

I am marching forward, Are you with me..?? !!


S.P. Mehta. (+ 971 50 657 2834)

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