Monday, May 26, 2008

To up-lift Dharma

It is different vision & fundamental suggestion to proactively attempt, not to compare at Par, The Sanatan Dharma ( Unchangeable Duties) with out look of any other religion like Christen, Islam Jew etc…(where heart-less rituals under name of DHARMA - as we read Jihad in History OR Killings on west bank OR watched Crowning of Pope - are of importance rather then duty towards living souls) There by bear burden of controversy & loose fundamentals.

Let Christian, Islam, Jew etc be compared at one level below top, like Shive-Panth, Vaishnave, Budhist, Jains, Shikhs etc.

When we learn in details… each one of them represent part of Sanatan Dharma, But none represent it completely, hence none of the one must be compared at par with Sanatan…..Dharma as we call & as westerners calls it Hindu or Hinduism

As I understood, Sanatan/Knowledge of Vedic Science is the (& only ) accumulation / findings of Constants of nature/universe hence it is SANATAN. ( Like law of gravity, Death to living soles, relative motions of heavenly bodies & its effects like day & night, seasons etc.)

It shall not change, because in the opinion of some group of people think differently OR it is threat to us (Hindus) because we do not propagate it, like some others do to increase # of their community.

Earliest we understand SANATAN … easier it shall be for each living being… Of course, other then we human, nature behaves in constant pattern, so each one of us need to know + follow it to be in line with nature….or face destructions.


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