Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Restoration of Family Unit.

Restoration of Family Unit.

The attack of commercialization (To Sale + Earn More) have taken present form of life, where survival needs effort of both husband & wife, Thus life it self has gone out of focus.

Beneficiaries are all those who deal in housing units & essentials, including communication & transport gadgets. Except air, every thing has a Price-Tag & its justifications by the bombardment of unwarranted advertisements & frame-work of Rules + Laws to make scapegoat of consumer. Indeed it is their victory.

On the other hand, Life itself à “Gift of God” “Free Of Cost” has become slavery of all those so called systems, built on the foundation of commercialization, has taken the toll of life ß for which all those systems created.

“Anand Swaroop” children & 3rd generation grand parents are both neglected & at greatest lose of it all..

What to do ?? Is the big question in front of all..!! Including fringe percentage of profit makers..!!

It is about time… Grand parents are employed to take care of latest generation children & are made to stay with parents (three generations) under one roof; & all work for better life of each other, rather then more countable money in bank.

By adopting this way… life shall become richer, more supportive & less stressful. Ability shall be used with greater focus, socio economic limits shall be observed + sustained; less social crimes shall be committed as each shall be under observation of the other…

Such model of socio-economic pattern had made Bharatvarsh (India) richest land from the point of culture & ability for several thousand years …. Until unified British education & Rupees made them poor when measured by their/others’ yard stick.

Again the time is changing… Earlier one chooses /restores family units…, Richer shall be the life & shall prove to be the model to the rest of the humankind on the planet.

Worthlessness of UN or acts like of Bush or Saddam shall become ineffective, because, family in itself shall be complete & system shall have to be dependent on it.

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