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Simple Arithmetic.

Nov. 04, 2005.

The number game as it may look complicated; the arithmetic of life seems simple on following count.

It is very well known that we Enter & Exit the passage of life without our will, empty handed.

Life could be divided in to 4 parts; of which one part is productive & other three are consuming.

Æ If average span of life assumed à 80 years = 29, 200 days.

Æ If average working life assumed à ¼ X 80 = 20 years &
Working days in Every year = 365 – {52 Week ends + 26 Saturdays + 20 Holidays + 12 Casual leaves} =
255 working Days Per year. Thus 20 Years X 255 Working Days X 9 Hours per day =
45,900 ~ say 46,000 productive hours in life of which you can earn wage.

Æ If # 1 is counted as average unit of need of Consumption /Day,
Then 29,200 /46000 = 0.635 Unit hourly wage needed to take care of the requirement
of the whole life.

Æ If 40 % added to cover social support/Govt. tax, the wage = 0.635 /0.6 = 1.058 unit Per Hour of work is earned/paid respectfully, the account for life balances out.

Keep on doing donkey work to posses more for banks & deprive all values thus becomes needless & also can be labeled foolish. So why spend life for such reasons.

Vedic “Ashram Vyavasha” is ancient phenomena derived out of such Simple Arithmetic.

When Awareness by way of basic education + understanding prompts such phenomena, the Angel of happiness shall be awakening to live for ever & the Devil of destruction shall die.

Strive to posses is root cause of all the unrest. Everyone know this, still nobody gives it up. Sense of Possession like ‘ I possess “ATOM” bomb’ à needs to convert to sense of belonging like ‘we belong to “Human” kind in the animal kingdom’
Thus be supportive by way of adhering to values in life.

Like every thing else on the planet earth that is God made, man made money need to be perishable so that greed to posses dies down & the cycle of life propagates.


S. P. Mehta
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