Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Let Us Prove our strength

Let Us Prove Our Strength

In Bharat, when congress chairs the centre & corrupt bureaucracy in action, we Bhartiya are in same conditions as we were during british raj.

They work hand in glows to make Sanatandharmi feel culprits for any & every of their aachars.
Vidahrmis are protected & allowed propagation by meager temptations.

We fought & won independence from such environment once in 1947

We need to fight similar battle once again

‘Non co-operation’ was successful weapon used then against administrating bureaucracy. The same can diminish the power of the present one.

We don’t accept the power of the present administration which has no strength. They are 2 % or less. We stop bartering our resources including voting or paying tax for their either power of position or money.

To how many, for how long & how they will effect punishment??

Let them go through the same cycle ( of survival & existence) as we are going through to earn our bread.

We don’t need their Money, protection, management, development, judiciary, education namely anything at all…. Because they are not functioning in their position at all but only corrupting the position to make our living & life miserable.

We are 98 % or more. Our life is gift from God ‘free of cost’.
Our ability + number is our strength.
We have already seen 59 years of hell on our motherland.
Our ability have gifted us red carpet welcome everywhere else in the world, then why not in our country???…
Only because of those 2 % corrupt ones ???…
By shear strength of us 98%’s ‘NO’ we shall defeat them

Our knowledge to science of nature through Vedic scriptures + ability to work with nature & prosper, has given us every thing to leave & lead life for… So we shall not take their school collage degrees But study nature’s science through the study of Vedas/Upanishad & adhere to it.

Our strength by number is so large that on planet earth, every 6th person belongs to our ideology. Once we awake and set example of our superior livings, we surely can lead & the whole world shall follow us.

So let us not doubt our strength as narrated by other jalousie inferiors of the world. They may call us “Poor” or “Backward” or many more such adjectives.

Let-us march forward with greater self-confidence & higher self-esteem thus prove our strength & wisdom

Life is journey & I am past half way starting from minus zero….. with success trails behind me…..Perhaps I am at the lowest end in ability & all the rest are much more able & faster ….

So I am seeing the lights of dawn with my eyes….

Kindly write your reflections to above.

And spread the above ideas by mass e-mail to friends & let the monster of NON CO-OPERATION grow out of proportion.

S.P. Mehta
+971 50 657 2834

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