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Forces Of Competition.

Sept. 16, 2005.

Right from the day a young one is born… from parents to everyone round, teach & subject him/her to forces of competitions.

From education to sports & everywhere in public life all that is glorified is the one at top.. may it be of no good use to life or living. Everything goes around us is galloping BUT in circle by the forces of competition All people are made to think it is to run to & stay at apex …It is illusion … & simply not possible.. Still since the time immemorial from history, Most of the competitions are recorded + all the competitors are gone.

Competition is mistakenly related with survival. Well both are two different things….

Propagation & destruction are forces of nature. Survival is thus the part of process. In system of nature, weak becomes prey of stronger… destruction of weak becomes food of strong…Still it is limited to need but not greed. Lion don’t attack prey when belly is full. A small bush & a giant tree co-exist side by side & both are nourished by nature equally. So many stars exist & don’t fight for being big or small.

However, competition is not the part of forces of nature. It is manmade force of destruction. Competition is just the decorative name given by him to the force of destruction. Within human system.. Law of survival of fittest doesn’t sustain. History records elimination of such strong existence as well.

However Sanatana Mythology records survival of NOBELEST & teaching all around it to build foundation for life to exist.

Indeed “life is gift of God – Free of cost” & If its propagation/ nurture/elimination be governed by nature. Then why worry?? Why not work for betterment of life from forces of nature ?? Why slave for someone who make use of us as tool to destruct nature /make us contract killer??

These leads to study of rhythm of nature & its power. Like fire can destroy & also cook food. In order to use fire to cook food… one need to handle fire with curtsy (clipper) in between… these knowledge comes thru experience & to follow accumulation of such experience is Duty/Dharma which is force of survival that counters force of destruction.

Direct & indirect experience teaches us so many things…. But what we adopt matters the most. Hence we all need to make smart decisions & not respond to any such distractive forces in life.

I am experimenting such ways & want out of share love to living kind encourage you readers to lead better life.


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