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June 17, 2007.


Why media is out to highlight time & again, sex scandals & make larger to life social issue out of it + Subject it to criminal investigation to make it Punishable by law.

Maybe media is doing it for own commercial advantage.

Looking down to sex relations & its huge social stigma + fear of law have done more harm them good to humankind.

With human race at socio economic & scientific advancement till present time.. isn’t it matter of prime understanding & acceptance of natural force..!!

When we consider accepting sex urge as natural force… We may argue it as re-instatement of so called Jungle law.

But then jungle law of sex is seasonal, harmless & creative force that propagates lifecycle. It is never a violent force. It prevails among like species.

In reality our so called modern society is far behind those jungle laws… & provoke normal human to be monster by not accepting him or her for the natural urges.

When we look through history, we find,prevailing of borderless society in existence, attaining scientific & advance living, better then manmade institution of marriage, not having much depth as seen in present time civilization .

It is important to learn understand accept & practice natural laws in its original form. The impact could be elimination of lot of hatred from the society. Thus world could be better place to live.

Sanatan scripture called Manusmruti names man as seed & woman as soil/earth. It suggests accepting belonging of fruits from garden of certain owner, but the seeds of fruits not necessarily of/from owner. It also advocates of at least one inheritance of seed is by ritual union of marriage called DHARMAPUTRA

Like Black-money don’t enter main-stream progress & only increase corruption. However even black-money is hard earn.. if naturalized, can help progress & reduction of corruption, so is with human wealth of man or woman.

Thus Trust & confidence in system of nature & adherence to its practicing (What can be called practicing religion) shall make life more prosperous & less burdensome.

The world believes the other way round…. & I don’t understand why…!!


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P. K. DAVDA said...

Good analysis of a basic subject. The institutions of marriage is falling apart, and its replacement is no where in sight. However, every problem has some solution, somewhere. We have to wait for it.