Friday, May 30, 2008

UNITE BHARAT WITH Education & Infrastructure.

Bharat has very rich heritage of Vedic Science; which is beyond faith or religion. Our present school/collage curriculum eats-up a lot of time of youth & make them impotent at the end of course & at time of accreditation + make them out / away from productive working but make them dependent for even their personal necessities; making them think that they can barter it with money earning…. & Money earning for them also becomes long way away ending up in to compromise to accept any work which they could have done even without those diploma/degrees for which they waste so much precious /productive time of their life.

So Instead learning to be able to earn money, if the Science of living as taught by Vadas/ “Living in HARMONEY with nature & prosper” can be taught, a lot of productive ability of youth can be conserved. These can also enhance confidence building + unite entire population to make them “living for each other” as forces of natures are constants.

These Vedic science if explained by Audio-visual Exhibits can be taken to mass population very easily by way of creating centers similar to EPCOT Center Of Florida + TV/Media exposures, Discussion forums, preaching etc. at little to larger levels as National one point program.

5 such centers created in North, west, south & east + center can help educate mass + Infrastructure to connect them can create a lot of growth based on knowledge, confidence building & employment opportunity by inviting them to contribute in Nobel cause, in exchange of their living essentials, can take our country ahead of rest of the world + boost self esteem of individuals. Then after Indian shall be looked up-on with greater respect & leader to whom the world shall follow.

Monday, May 26, 2008

To up-lift Dharma

It is different vision & fundamental suggestion to proactively attempt, not to compare at Par, The Sanatan Dharma ( Unchangeable Duties) with out look of any other religion like Christen, Islam Jew etc…(where heart-less rituals under name of DHARMA - as we read Jihad in History OR Killings on west bank OR watched Crowning of Pope - are of importance rather then duty towards living souls) There by bear burden of controversy & loose fundamentals.

Let Christian, Islam, Jew etc be compared at one level below top, like Shive-Panth, Vaishnave, Budhist, Jains, Shikhs etc.

When we learn in details… each one of them represent part of Sanatan Dharma, But none represent it completely, hence none of the one must be compared at par with Sanatan…..Dharma as we call & as westerners calls it Hindu or Hinduism

As I understood, Sanatan/Knowledge of Vedic Science is the (& only ) accumulation / findings of Constants of nature/universe hence it is SANATAN. ( Like law of gravity, Death to living soles, relative motions of heavenly bodies & its effects like day & night, seasons etc.)

It shall not change, because in the opinion of some group of people think differently OR it is threat to us (Hindus) because we do not propagate it, like some others do to increase # of their community.

Earliest we understand SANATAN … easier it shall be for each living being… Of course, other then we human, nature behaves in constant pattern, so each one of us need to know + follow it to be in line with nature….or face destructions.


S. P. Mehta
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“Off the Cuff” /GN Refers to giving “what name”?? To 50 years & above patrons.

Undoubtedly they are those lots of people who are razor-sharp in their skills & are in capacity to contribute a lot to the society but perhaps with reduced physical ability.

SANATAN-DHARMA à what is also known as Hindu Religion/Philosophy in the western media/world; BUT practicable by the entire human kind & not limited to be known belonging to people of certain geographical boundary ß Has given “Vanparasthi” as name to such people.

Sanatan Dharma divides life in to four equal parts of 25 years each called “Asram” & Describes duty in each segment of life. It provides Simple to follow & focused views for way of leaving gives sustainable growth & respect to inhibitors / leaving being of all ages.

3 rd of 4 Ashram of “Vanprasthis” are given duty to educate & lead the younger generations & use them as action force. In return, the younger generation takes care of providing graceful survival means to Vanprasthis.

Expensive & Commercialization of school- Colleges Medical services & old age homes can be substituted by the efforts of “Vanprasthis”. Society thus flourishes under care of experienced hands; without feeling burden of collecting taxes & managing it thru insensitive officers of the pension offices who pay dues of pensioners for the subsequent months BUT holds dues of the earlier months for the requirement of “Certificate of Living”.

Money dominated world Exhibits lot of glitters But lacks sensitivity & create fear complex in able youth.

Correction to these situations is easily adoptable, BY valuing experience of “Vanprasthis”, offering respect & allowing them to lead the social norms & perform their duties. Thus breaking jinks of domination by money & effectively makes the world better place to live.


S. P. Mehta

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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Please let the word secular not be misinterpreted.

If i am secular, doesn’t mean i am not Hindu.

A nation can not be Hindu or any other.

Like i belong to the set of parents which gives me identity, doesn’t mean i can't or don’t respect other parents ……… & also can’t/don't change my belonging.

Dharma/Faith has every thing to do with what fundamentals of nature & my position in it that i belong to.

Sanatan dharma represents the most basic /highest of phenomena of natural science. That is unchangeable, irrespective of individual/group/nation’s faith in it or not.

i don’t disrespect those who know little less...

i don’t change my faith BUT adhere to the purity of nature... & the result revels that more who wants to live & lead higher life automatically try & reach faith I belong to…

Faith is in my heart & not worthy any debate & Number in my group that makes my strength....

i exist as & propagate as part of nature’s phenomena

More like me constitute not only family /community/nation but become unchallengeable universal identity

Secular or any faith has nothing to do with Nation, majority, minority or any argument for or against but truly what each individual DO during life ……. Remembering that even he/she is going to part from this world empty handed……

Each night sleep belongs to deeds of the day…

i get good sleep….Do you….?? !!

S.P. Mehta
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Quest is to find Question

The quest starts from knowing self & then knowing where I come from & where I go..

That leads to knowledge of being as part of nature where nature becomes sole supreme, as it represents everything including self + all the rest of phenomena around

To study the phenomena of nature is supreme study on planet earth


To suitably adopt the life on planet earth is in line with constants of nature, really is smart adaptation as it takes the conflicts out of life.

Accumulation of such adoptions points way to live life… experimented & adopted by ancestors & served to us on a silver-platter, ready for us to practice as rules to live & lead progressive life.

Those adopter became progressive living being & those who neglected were seen living beastly life.

How-ever the constants of nature never change with time…

Sun is the sole source of energy on planet earth… the rotation of Earth around Sun & Moon around Earth & its effect, elements of the planet, cycle of life & death itself etc are among such constants of nature & knowledge of constancy in cycle of Creation, Propagation & Destroying is knowledge of pure science …

Religion is practicing such knowledge in life, to make living free of unnecessary struggle.

When one limit him/her-self to adopt Islam or Christianity or Judaism etc… he/she limit to reach to the core of the pure science.

Number count of its followers with limits set for their wisdom does adversely represent liv’er of inferior life. It is like selecting the inferior thing when better or best is available… Why worship Moon when Sun exist ??

Beyond the above, the accumulation of practicable core science is known as “Sanatan Dharma” The adopters of it are known as “Sanatan Dharmi”. May be they are not big in number or strong in exhibiting power, but they live peaceful /exemplary life.

Life is only one & all going out of it empty handed, then why be against other leaving beings??

I belong to that Religion /”Sanatan Dharma”

For adopting life of present time… Learning of only Bhagvat-Puran…(One of eighteen Purans_+ Vedas & several other scriptures from Core Science) is sufficient. All answers are there… there is no focus/fight to increase number or possess more …. Its in scripts are not thousand – two thousand years old… they are many thousand years older then time in memorial..

The answers are already there … it is only quest to find questions..!!

S.P. Mehta
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Saturday, May 17, 2008


May 24, 2006.

Reservation & fight for it..??

Once again, the highlighted efforts to appeal deaf years for what quota??: for worthless education & be part of 2 % mass in government job which has labeled of being corrupt of the highest order..??

Please don’t get me wrong.. Sitaron Se Aage Jahan Aur Bhi Hai..

Beyond what the fight that is going on… life is much more glorious … & able people are in demand all over the world … in able manpower, Bharat leads table at international level.


May I encourage all to go thru the studies of Ishavasyam upanishad + other Scriptures that revels rules of nature & life habiting & lead the world.

The mass of the world is ignorant of such science.. & is it available to learn only in Bharat thru Vedic scriptures.

So Please get-up & get going into the direction taking a strong & confident step forward & world shell follow.. No matter Government in centre/Delhi is not listening..

Eventually the commerce/money driven world is on brink of the greatest fall & then the ability is going to takeover… at that time those who are able to survive in flow with the forces of nature are going to be followed..

Hence, then, there is not going to be the moment to look back.

May I enlighten to really be the student for life…. The Medical study /degree has proven to be lucrative money wise but very shallow as it obstructs the natural process of healing… In life money is of limited importance compared to life itself… Pl. stop worrying & start living ( Not Dale Carnegie’s statement) in line with forces of nature. Learn them first & adopt so that life in meaning becomes glorious in reality

Please ignore Government at Centre, & media which only spread ½ truths.

I am with you in paving path,

God bless us all


S. P. Mehta

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May 29, 2006

Vandaniya Atman..

Please, may I express that “WHEN BORN, ..ALL ARE HINDU’ then they are converted in to other faith by their respective faith-guru

But there by they narrow their focus & don’t accept all the laws of nature & lead the life on to wrong path… (By allowing SHADRIPU to enter in to aachar in life, like jealousy, anxiety, etc.)

Where as, true Hindu be research fellow & keep on experimenting & adding constants of nature in to living habits… such cumulative constants are expressed in Vedas, Upanishads & such scriptures. Such forces of true sciences/constants of nature also called Satya Its followers are Satyarthi or so called Hindu in modern time.

Even a smaller in number, these stayarthis are doing only good to their lives unlike wrong believers of shallow faith who waste their time in increasing number of their followers… Why we waste our time objecting their works… !! Why worry for converts & converters… !!

After all it is the human birth in Bharat & its certain achievement/end = moksh
Let us know our own being & choose to be Moksharthi .

Let the focus be on swa-acharan & attain elevated status, which ONLY encourages the ones at lower level, to follow such Moksjharthis, to elevate their status…

All these for not to loose from the focus to target ( laksh-shuddhi) {what Acahary Drona promoted/graduated Vats Arjuna for}

S.P. Mehta
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Restoration of Family Unit.

Restoration of Family Unit.

The attack of commercialization (To Sale + Earn More) have taken present form of life, where survival needs effort of both husband & wife, Thus life it self has gone out of focus.

Beneficiaries are all those who deal in housing units & essentials, including communication & transport gadgets. Except air, every thing has a Price-Tag & its justifications by the bombardment of unwarranted advertisements & frame-work of Rules + Laws to make scapegoat of consumer. Indeed it is their victory.

On the other hand, Life itself à “Gift of God” “Free Of Cost” has become slavery of all those so called systems, built on the foundation of commercialization, has taken the toll of life ß for which all those systems created.

“Anand Swaroop” children & 3rd generation grand parents are both neglected & at greatest lose of it all..

What to do ?? Is the big question in front of all..!! Including fringe percentage of profit makers..!!

It is about time… Grand parents are employed to take care of latest generation children & are made to stay with parents (three generations) under one roof; & all work for better life of each other, rather then more countable money in bank.

By adopting this way… life shall become richer, more supportive & less stressful. Ability shall be used with greater focus, socio economic limits shall be observed + sustained; less social crimes shall be committed as each shall be under observation of the other…

Such model of socio-economic pattern had made Bharatvarsh (India) richest land from the point of culture & ability for several thousand years …. Until unified British education & Rupees made them poor when measured by their/others’ yard stick.

Again the time is changing… Earlier one chooses /restores family units…, Richer shall be the life & shall prove to be the model to the rest of the humankind on the planet.

Worthlessness of UN or acts like of Bush or Saddam shall become ineffective, because, family in itself shall be complete & system shall have to be dependent on it.

Let Us Prove our strength

Let Us Prove Our Strength

In Bharat, when congress chairs the centre & corrupt bureaucracy in action, we Bhartiya are in same conditions as we were during british raj.

They work hand in glows to make Sanatandharmi feel culprits for any & every of their aachars.
Vidahrmis are protected & allowed propagation by meager temptations.

We fought & won independence from such environment once in 1947

We need to fight similar battle once again

‘Non co-operation’ was successful weapon used then against administrating bureaucracy. The same can diminish the power of the present one.

We don’t accept the power of the present administration which has no strength. They are 2 % or less. We stop bartering our resources including voting or paying tax for their either power of position or money.

To how many, for how long & how they will effect punishment??

Let them go through the same cycle ( of survival & existence) as we are going through to earn our bread.

We don’t need their Money, protection, management, development, judiciary, education namely anything at all…. Because they are not functioning in their position at all but only corrupting the position to make our living & life miserable.

We are 98 % or more. Our life is gift from God ‘free of cost’.
Our ability + number is our strength.
We have already seen 59 years of hell on our motherland.
Our ability have gifted us red carpet welcome everywhere else in the world, then why not in our country???…
Only because of those 2 % corrupt ones ???…
By shear strength of us 98%’s ‘NO’ we shall defeat them

Our knowledge to science of nature through Vedic scriptures + ability to work with nature & prosper, has given us every thing to leave & lead life for… So we shall not take their school collage degrees But study nature’s science through the study of Vedas/Upanishad & adhere to it.

Our strength by number is so large that on planet earth, every 6th person belongs to our ideology. Once we awake and set example of our superior livings, we surely can lead & the whole world shall follow us.

So let us not doubt our strength as narrated by other jalousie inferiors of the world. They may call us “Poor” or “Backward” or many more such adjectives.

Let-us march forward with greater self-confidence & higher self-esteem thus prove our strength & wisdom

Life is journey & I am past half way starting from minus zero….. with success trails behind me…..Perhaps I am at the lowest end in ability & all the rest are much more able & faster ….

So I am seeing the lights of dawn with my eyes….

Kindly write your reflections to above.

And spread the above ideas by mass e-mail to friends & let the monster of NON CO-OPERATION grow out of proportion.

S.P. Mehta
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Forces Of Competition.

Sept. 16, 2005.

Right from the day a young one is born… from parents to everyone round, teach & subject him/her to forces of competitions.

From education to sports & everywhere in public life all that is glorified is the one at top.. may it be of no good use to life or living. Everything goes around us is galloping BUT in circle by the forces of competition All people are made to think it is to run to & stay at apex …It is illusion … & simply not possible.. Still since the time immemorial from history, Most of the competitions are recorded + all the competitors are gone.

Competition is mistakenly related with survival. Well both are two different things….

Propagation & destruction are forces of nature. Survival is thus the part of process. In system of nature, weak becomes prey of stronger… destruction of weak becomes food of strong…Still it is limited to need but not greed. Lion don’t attack prey when belly is full. A small bush & a giant tree co-exist side by side & both are nourished by nature equally. So many stars exist & don’t fight for being big or small.

However, competition is not the part of forces of nature. It is manmade force of destruction. Competition is just the decorative name given by him to the force of destruction. Within human system.. Law of survival of fittest doesn’t sustain. History records elimination of such strong existence as well.

However Sanatana Mythology records survival of NOBELEST & teaching all around it to build foundation for life to exist.

Indeed “life is gift of God – Free of cost” & If its propagation/ nurture/elimination be governed by nature. Then why worry?? Why not work for betterment of life from forces of nature ?? Why slave for someone who make use of us as tool to destruct nature /make us contract killer??

These leads to study of rhythm of nature & its power. Like fire can destroy & also cook food. In order to use fire to cook food… one need to handle fire with curtsy (clipper) in between… these knowledge comes thru experience & to follow accumulation of such experience is Duty/Dharma which is force of survival that counters force of destruction.

Direct & indirect experience teaches us so many things…. But what we adopt matters the most. Hence we all need to make smart decisions & not respond to any such distractive forces in life.

I am experimenting such ways & want out of share love to living kind encourage you readers to lead better life.


S. P. Mehta
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Friday, May 9, 2008

Simple Arithmetic.

Nov. 04, 2005.

The number game as it may look complicated; the arithmetic of life seems simple on following count.

It is very well known that we Enter & Exit the passage of life without our will, empty handed.

Life could be divided in to 4 parts; of which one part is productive & other three are consuming.

Æ If average span of life assumed à 80 years = 29, 200 days.

Æ If average working life assumed à ¼ X 80 = 20 years &
Working days in Every year = 365 – {52 Week ends + 26 Saturdays + 20 Holidays + 12 Casual leaves} =
255 working Days Per year. Thus 20 Years X 255 Working Days X 9 Hours per day =
45,900 ~ say 46,000 productive hours in life of which you can earn wage.

Æ If # 1 is counted as average unit of need of Consumption /Day,
Then 29,200 /46000 = 0.635 Unit hourly wage needed to take care of the requirement
of the whole life.

Æ If 40 % added to cover social support/Govt. tax, the wage = 0.635 /0.6 = 1.058 unit Per Hour of work is earned/paid respectfully, the account for life balances out.

Keep on doing donkey work to posses more for banks & deprive all values thus becomes needless & also can be labeled foolish. So why spend life for such reasons.

Vedic “Ashram Vyavasha” is ancient phenomena derived out of such Simple Arithmetic.

When Awareness by way of basic education + understanding prompts such phenomena, the Angel of happiness shall be awakening to live for ever & the Devil of destruction shall die.

Strive to posses is root cause of all the unrest. Everyone know this, still nobody gives it up. Sense of Possession like ‘ I possess “ATOM” bomb’ à needs to convert to sense of belonging like ‘we belong to “Human” kind in the animal kingdom’
Thus be supportive by way of adhering to values in life.

Like every thing else on the planet earth that is God made, man made money need to be perishable so that greed to posses dies down & the cycle of life propagates.


S. P. Mehta
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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Why We Need To Pay Tax??

Have a look at this :

Salary & Govt. Concessions for a Member of Parliament (MP) Monthly Salary: 12,000

Expense for Constitution per month: 10,000
Office expenditure per month: 14,000
Traveling concession (Rs. 8 per km):48,000 (e.g. For a visit from Kerala to Delhi & return: 6000 km)
Daily DA TA during parliament meets: 500/day
Charge for 1 class (A/C) in train: Free (For any number of times) (All over India)
Charge for Business Class in flights: Free for 40 trips / year (With wife or P.A.)
Rent for MP hostel at Delhi:
Free Electricity costsat home : Freeup to 50,000 units
Local phone call charge : Free up to 1 ,70,000 calls.
TOTAL expense for a MP [having no qualification] per year : 32, 00,000 [ i.e. 2.66 lakh /month] TOTAL expense for 5 years: 1, 60, 00,000 For 534 MPs, the expense for 5 years: 8,54,40,00,000 (nearly 855 cores)


This is how all our tax money is been swallowed and price hike on our regular commodities.......

And this is the present condition of our country: 855 cores could make their life livable!!

Think of the great democracy we have.............


1) Qus. : What are you doing ?Ans. : Business. Tax : PAY PROFESSIONAL TAX !
2) Qus. : What are you doing in Business ? Ans. : Selling the Goods. Tax : PAY SALES TAX !!
3) Qus. : From where are you getting Goods ? Ans. : From other State/Abroad Tax : PAY CENTRAL SALES TAX, CUSTOM DUTY & OCTROI !
4) Qus. : What are you getting in Selling Goods? Ans. : Profit. Tax : PAY INCOME TAX !
5) Qus. : Where you Manufacturing the Goods? Ans. : Factory. Tax : PAY EXCISE DUTY !
6) Qus. : Do you have Office / Warehouse/ Factory ?Ans. : Yes Tax : PAY MUNICIPAL & FIRE TAX !
7) Qus. : Do you have Staff ? Ans. : Yes Tax : PAY STAFF PROFESSIONAL TAX !
8) Qus. : Doing business in Millions ? Ans. : Yes Tax : PAY TURNOVER TAX !
9) Qus. : Are you taking out over 25,000 Cash from Bank ?Ans. : Yes, for Salary. Tax : PAY CASH HANDLING TAX !
10) Qus. : Where are you taking your client for Lunch & Dinner ? Ans. : Hotel Tax : PAY FOOD & ENTERTAINMENT TAX !
11) Qus. : Are you going Out of Station for Business ? Ans. : Yes Tax : PAY FRINGE BENEFIT TAX !
12) Qus. : Have you taken or given any Service/s ? Ans. : Yes Tax : PAY SERVICE TAX !
13) Qus. : How come you got such a Big Amount ? Ans. : Gift on birthday. Tax : PAY GIFT TAX !
14) Qus. : Do you have any Wealth ? Ans. : Yes Tax : PAY WEALTH TAX !
15) Qus. : To reduce Tension, for entertainment, where are you going?Ans. : Cinema or Resort. Tax : PAY ENTERTAINMENT TAX !
16) Qus. : Have you purchased House ? Ans. : Yes Tax : PAY STAMP DUTY & REGISTRATION FEE !
17) Qus. : How you Travel ? Ans. : Bus Tax : PAY SURCHARGE !
19) Qus. : Delayed any time Paying Any Tax ? Ans. : Yes Tax : PAY INTEREST & PENALTY!

Why Pay Tax..?? !!

The group of people who demand tax are known as burocrates.. are less then 2% population of the nation.... who put 98 % population life to misery... & give nothing in return except stress...

Let us all 98 % unite & give in return service to improvement instead cash to this 2 %.... or ask them to give right to print currency that they demand from us...

B'cuz our hard earn money given to them gets evaporated & benefit only those 2 % to flourish their "swiss A/C" or run in to dance -beer bar but not serve us..

What they can do if 98 % don't pay tax as demand..??!!

Can they put us to criminal prison & provide/serve us food & shelter..??

If yes.. let us accept & make them our servants...

So think... & act to defend ... with smile & grace..not looking down on amongst 98 % of us but looking down on those 2 %...

Life is gift of god & Free of cost & not to slave for those 2 %.. burocrates.... Who happen to be our servent

Please....... make people aware of it!

S.P. Mehta
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Saturday, May 3, 2008


June 17, 2007.


Why media is out to highlight time & again, sex scandals & make larger to life social issue out of it + Subject it to criminal investigation to make it Punishable by law.

Maybe media is doing it for own commercial advantage.

Looking down to sex relations & its huge social stigma + fear of law have done more harm them good to humankind.

With human race at socio economic & scientific advancement till present time.. isn’t it matter of prime understanding & acceptance of natural force..!!

When we consider accepting sex urge as natural force… We may argue it as re-instatement of so called Jungle law.

But then jungle law of sex is seasonal, harmless & creative force that propagates lifecycle. It is never a violent force. It prevails among like species.

In reality our so called modern society is far behind those jungle laws… & provoke normal human to be monster by not accepting him or her for the natural urges.

When we look through history, we find,prevailing of borderless society in existence, attaining scientific & advance living, better then manmade institution of marriage, not having much depth as seen in present time civilization .

It is important to learn understand accept & practice natural laws in its original form. The impact could be elimination of lot of hatred from the society. Thus world could be better place to live.

Sanatan scripture called Manusmruti names man as seed & woman as soil/earth. It suggests accepting belonging of fruits from garden of certain owner, but the seeds of fruits not necessarily of/from owner. It also advocates of at least one inheritance of seed is by ritual union of marriage called DHARMAPUTRA

Like Black-money don’t enter main-stream progress & only increase corruption. However even black-money is hard earn.. if naturalized, can help progress & reduction of corruption, so is with human wealth of man or woman.

Thus Trust & confidence in system of nature & adherence to its practicing (What can be called practicing religion) shall make life more prosperous & less burdensome.

The world believes the other way round…. & I don’t understand why…!!


S.P. Mehta. (+ 971 50 657 2834)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Formula for Socio-Economic Reforms In Bharat.

Jan. 09, 2008.

In any social circuit, including from staff of government sector.. all is heard is NO IMPROVEMENT CAN BE DONE IN BHARAT

A minor looking policy shift crated big & lasting difference on Bharat’s entire population that is described in the following attachment:

British implemented their inferior education, that would lower self-esteem of Bhartiya population & rule over century to make all of them their servant/slave & made them to live with inferiority complex…that mind-set is dragged on till the year 2000.

The wind of change is now in the air Bhartiya Mass found all over the world. The world people recognize us Bhartiya as able performers. Engage & pay for their services.

It is time that we performers recognize ourselves true to our image, take specialized training if needed, be committed performers, stand with greater self-esteem & work for the value that we decide for self.

“Performer Is Greater Then The Payer” Hence we are in win-win situation all the way.

With the Minor Policy Shift keeping in mind, May I propose the following 5 point reform ideas & its way of implementation as recommended below:

1. Increase exchange rate of Rupee value 10 fold. i.e. 1 US $ = 4.0 Rs. Make it constant like unit weight. Rest of currencies may change but value of Rupee will not change & 1 or 2 Rupee fetch one standard meal.
2. Export only Human/Brain power in exchange of new rupee value. Use all other export products in-house to enhance life of Bhartiya in Bharat.
3. Identify & fix cost of all essential items for 25 years; such that every one have confidence of able to make adequate living, such that short-circuiting for making more money, neglecting duties are thrown out of society & performers is more respected then payers.
4. Reverse the move of British/ Meacaulay & include “Jeevan Lakshi” Vedic norms in primary/secondary education to make it culturally elevated & strong as MACAULY visualized such that all Bhartiya becomes leading /exemplary citizens above the rest of the world’s population.
5. Invest heavily in
a) Education to thrive for nothing lees then the best at all levels.
b) Agricultural sectors for greater self sufficiency.
c) Use mass media of communication to up-lift self-esteem of all the people

These shall enhance exportable ability via higher education of world standard
to cater local & world demand.
Make the buyers buy & pay us in Rupee

Publicize the confidence in ability to make best living via mass media by way of exemplary Skits & Dramas
Let the short-circuit-ers be black-sheep in the society.

It has been a long time, – over 60 years, from the independence & Republic… the present pathetic negativism can surely get converted from dark Night to Bright Dawn in very short time = The Gayatri Mantra chanting time.

Let us keek-off the idea… talk only about it & make it happen by converting the present mind-set “Nothing can be done in Bharat” to “We shall make it happen” at my own individual level to National level.

I am marching forward, Are you with me..?? !!


S.P. Mehta. (+ 971 50 657 2834)