Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Customs & Rituals in Sanatan Dharma - Lecture by Dr. N. Gopalkrishnan

Dear Readers,

Most of us are ignorant about the fundamental information about Sanatan

What exactly is 'Sanatan Dharma' what are its 'Vichar' & What are its
'Achar'. What are its parameters & how to live it from individual to the
nation or Human kind.

I would say one of the most simplified versions of its explanation in the
form of Audio - Visual lecture, delivered by a learned friend
Dr. N Gopalkrishnan, 
is presented herewith. Please feel free to share
the same with friends & power your life to happiness on its basis.
Sincerely,S.P. Mehta+1 312 608 9836<object widthDharma By Dr. N.Gopalkrishnan

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Views Of Late Shri Rajive Dixit

Following links shall give glips of views  by late Shri Rajiv Dixit. All Bhartiya shall always miss his presence.
Never the less, We shall remember him & stear Bharat to New Dawn

Please feel free to share this clips/messages.

S.P. Mehta
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Publish Gold as Constant & Money as variable

It is high time, the media including DIVYA BHASHKAR, publish Gold as constant & countable Money/currency # as variable.

Also investigate & publish correct news as to how much more quantum of printed money enters circulation to effect its devaluation as it is effected without reserves of any kind.

Jugglery of money need to be exposed against superiority of individual's ability which is equal to constancy of Gold.( for example 10 Grams Gold is constant & don’t change)

This is required for up-lifting /enhansing the esteem of individual & makes him/her feel rich of ability instead making him/her feel small of non possession of # of money that he is not allowed to print.

S.P. Mehta
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Friday, December 3, 2010

For Anti Corruption

Respected Torch-Bearers against corruption, (

The movement is required by people & not by a body/department by the Government.

Asking Govt. to act against corruption is like adding Ghee/fuel to fire that will never stop the fire.

Corruption is of people's resource including efforts & funds.

The best way is to stop accepting any thing & everything that Govt. wants us to give or take...

Starting from:
· We don’t want their Birth or Death certificate. ( a person can be bourn or die without Govt. certificate)

· We don’t want their education that they govern or their service or money that they print.

· We interact with nature & make our living & there by support member of family /community/society/village/sate/nation/world

· Nature has every recourse in abundance, more we work, more we get.. so no need to compromise, work as required to get from the nature. We be able our selves, thereby we cut dependency of other people's governance.

· As individual, we discipline ourselves that we be governed by laws of nature but not of people. This will surly bring down the corruption to Zero, as system of nature upon which we depend, shall not change to be corrupt. This is the best state of anti corruption & freedom.

· So please, let the sequence start from people (& not by the Government) to stop all interaction with Government, be able, be caring to each other & work to interact with nature to cater our needs from individual to the planet/ "Vasudha eav a Kutumb kum"

· Sanatan culture is set of constants of nature, has given us clues of all our question .. So let us know it thoroughly... let this be our fundamental education that makes each of us so able that we don't need to be corrupt to be of help to the other.. ( without short-circuiting)

This seed of thinking ( Vichar Beej) shall surely take us to purity & freedom of souls

S.P. Mehta. (+1 312 608 9836)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It is about tipping

Of the general mentality of tipping, the employer takes advantage & don’t pay the staff what is basic, expecting him/her to make-up from the tip. This is not right b'cuz the employer gets exploited. It is not that the services are not charged.. so let those charge be adequate that the staff can get paid enough... Or staff choose not to take accept that position

As a rule, if we are paying for any service, the whole system needs to serve us fully, without expectation of anything over the charges as their commitment/duty.

Tipping spoils/pollutes the whole psychology of "do your job right as duty". Once receiving tip comes in mind, the focus to perform & deliver the best gets divided & that is cancer to the society.

The sales are the benefit of the traders to recycle stock & display new items that the trader thinks is getting him better profit. The traders don’t want profit from Items on sale. Like sealer play best strategy to sale, the buyer stands at “position advantage” to choose items at advantage price.

There is nothing like being cheep about it.

S.P. Mehta (+1 312 608 9836)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dr. Subamanian Swami's speetches about Sania Maino

Dear Readers,
Dr. Subramanian Swami is no stranger to Bhartiya.

He has done lot of research before presenting the truth before the people of Bharat.

Please hear him

Please support Anti-Congress/Sania/Corruption mission to be resulted in to up-rooting the corrupt congress headed by Sania/Sonia Gandhi & her supporters/bureaucrats to be out of their seats, leaving behind wealth of the people of Bharat. The action is on under leadership of Baba Randev/Ms. Kiran Bedi & us all.

Good Luck

S.P. Mehta (+1 312 608 9836)

Ennapadam Panchajanya

Ennapadam Panchajanya

It signals war against corruption....

The starting point of target is Sania Maino/Sonia Gandhi...

Shri K.S Sudershan & Dr. Subramanian Swamy revels the truth...
Please read details on the link:

Please let every one in Bharat Know about the truth.

Please enforce Non -Cooperation to all Congress members & Bureaucrats of the nation who demands any kind of duty or tax from a common man in Bharat..

Please unite & revolt against each of the Govt. officer including police officer.

The action plan can be/is to strip the officer/staff of their cloths & set them free to reach their home/office. This to be done in a form of Mob.

The Govt. staff & police man must be afraid of people on the road for performing their duty in public.

Public must start by raising their voice & in respond, people around need to gather & strip the officer concern of his cloths & set them free..

The result is Guaranteed... as 98 % of us are true Sanatan Dharmi/non corrupt people.

The movement is started form now.. 6.45 hours Dt. Nov. 28, 2010.

The result shall be in less then 1000 days.

Jai Bharat

S.P. Mehta (+1 312 608 9836)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It is all about Money

Chicago, Nov.24, 2010

Dear Readers,

It is all about money.. Please view the follow the vedio-link to learn What is money system , How it is created & How it works..

The question is.. "How much important this money need to be in our life, that we are going to leave behind on this planet
should we work for money or get money to work for our life?"

Kindly Respond..


S.P. Mehta

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Prevent Cancer Growth

Dear Readers,

Following is the link to Slide Show that suggests tips to Prevent Cancer Growth à by simple food - habits.

Link: Prevent Cancer Growth

Pl. get enlightened & share information amongst fellow people.


S.P. Mehta
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let all revolt by way of No-Cooperation to Bureaucracy until they serve us..


Most of the news channels have not covered this... It seems this is what we the 98% people of Bharat are looking for...

Pl. read/view the link, including additional Chalchitra/video clips
Link:What happened at JantarMantar Delhi on Nov. 14, 2010.

What we need to do:

Nonpayment of any kind of DUTY/TAX + accepting any kind of services from governing hands need to be revolted by non co-operation till corruption is graved... if bureaucracy ( 2 % of population) wants us 98 % to perform for their norms.. They need to prove their integrity by being servants of the people of Bharat for next 5 years.. Then we shall support their needs that they want from us the people of Bharat Let us join support Baba Ramdeo’s/Our mission to abolish corruption from Bharat.

Please view pictures of FIR against coruption lauged at Delhi by Bharat Swabhiman Abhiyan.. on Nov. 14th, 2010.

Pictures of FIR on Nov. 14, 2010 By Bharat Swabhiman Abhiyan

S.P. Mehta. (+1 312 608 9836)

This will bring change in political/social profile of Bharat


On the Web site of Link given below, there are links for many videos to watch...

Please see them all to learn about details that are never published by most of the media..
This idea could change the life in Bharat..

Jai Ho..

Bharat Swabhiman Abhiyan

S.P. Mehta.
(+1 312 608 9836)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Re: What can One Hindu Do?

Greetings to Dr. Babu Suseelan for the proactive article.

It is about SANATAN way of life, that many also call as HINDU

The first step to "do what" is :
To know & practice

The second step is :
To adhere to it with full confidence & trust. Like we plant seed.. &
surely it will grow to become tree & bear fruit..for that we have
trust & confidence both..

'Chetna' /life within each of us is constant, to whom one need to
submit & Not those dead ones like masihaa or prophets who neither
exist nor do any thing for any one..

Yes few idiots count /Add in #s & think it is strength... But each of
us live of our own 'Chetna' & die alone.. so what as individual one
can practice --> is way higher/above then what collectively can not be
done beyond wasting time counting #s.

Work for betterment/perfection & eat like you don't have elbow


automatically each one will like to do the best
(Obviously, to get the best)

That's what an Individual Hindu can surely DO..

All the rest shall follow


S.P. Mehta.

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