Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let all revolt by way of No-Cooperation to Bureaucracy until they serve us..


Most of the news channels have not covered this... It seems this is what we the 98% people of Bharat are looking for...

Pl. read/view the link, including additional Chalchitra/video clips
Link:What happened at JantarMantar Delhi on Nov. 14, 2010.

What we need to do:

Nonpayment of any kind of DUTY/TAX + accepting any kind of services from governing hands need to be revolted by non co-operation till corruption is graved... if bureaucracy ( 2 % of population) wants us 98 % to perform for their norms.. They need to prove their integrity by being servants of the people of Bharat for next 5 years.. Then we shall support their needs that they want from us the people of Bharat Let us join support Baba Ramdeo’s/Our mission to abolish corruption from Bharat.

Please view pictures of FIR against coruption lauged at Delhi by Bharat Swabhiman Abhiyan.. on Nov. 14th, 2010.

Pictures of FIR on Nov. 14, 2010 By Bharat Swabhiman Abhiyan

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