Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It is about tipping

Of the general mentality of tipping, the employer takes advantage & don’t pay the staff what is basic, expecting him/her to make-up from the tip. This is not right b'cuz the employer gets exploited. It is not that the services are not charged.. so let those charge be adequate that the staff can get paid enough... Or staff choose not to take accept that position

As a rule, if we are paying for any service, the whole system needs to serve us fully, without expectation of anything over the charges as their commitment/duty.

Tipping spoils/pollutes the whole psychology of "do your job right as duty". Once receiving tip comes in mind, the focus to perform & deliver the best gets divided & that is cancer to the society.

The sales are the benefit of the traders to recycle stock & display new items that the trader thinks is getting him better profit. The traders don’t want profit from Items on sale. Like sealer play best strategy to sale, the buyer stands at “position advantage” to choose items at advantage price.

There is nothing like being cheep about it.

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