Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Re: What can One Hindu Do?

Greetings to Dr. Babu Suseelan for the proactive article.

It is about SANATAN way of life, that many also call as HINDU

The first step to "do what" is :
To know & practice

The second step is :
To adhere to it with full confidence & trust. Like we plant seed.. &
surely it will grow to become tree & bear fruit..for that we have
trust & confidence both..

'Chetna' /life within each of us is constant, to whom one need to
submit & Not those dead ones like masihaa or prophets who neither
exist nor do any thing for any one..

Yes few idiots count /Add in #s & think it is strength... But each of
us live of our own 'Chetna' & die alone.. so what as individual one
can practice --> is way higher/above then what collectively can not be
done beyond wasting time counting #s.

Work for betterment/perfection & eat like you don't have elbow


automatically each one will like to do the best
(Obviously, to get the best)

That's what an Individual Hindu can surely DO..

All the rest shall follow


S.P. Mehta.

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