Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ennapadam Panchajanya

Ennapadam Panchajanya

It signals war against corruption....

The starting point of target is Sania Maino/Sonia Gandhi...

Shri K.S Sudershan & Dr. Subramanian Swamy revels the truth...
Please read details on the link:

Please let every one in Bharat Know about the truth.

Please enforce Non -Cooperation to all Congress members & Bureaucrats of the nation who demands any kind of duty or tax from a common man in Bharat..

Please unite & revolt against each of the Govt. officer including police officer.

The action plan can be/is to strip the officer/staff of their cloths & set them free to reach their home/office. This to be done in a form of Mob.

The Govt. staff & police man must be afraid of people on the road for performing their duty in public.

Public must start by raising their voice & in respond, people around need to gather & strip the officer concern of his cloths & set them free..

The result is Guaranteed... as 98 % of us are true Sanatan Dharmi/non corrupt people.

The movement is started form now.. 6.45 hours Dt. Nov. 28, 2010.

The result shall be in less then 1000 days.

Jai Bharat

S.P. Mehta (+1 312 608 9836)

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