Friday, December 3, 2010

For Anti Corruption

Respected Torch-Bearers against corruption, (

The movement is required by people & not by a body/department by the Government.

Asking Govt. to act against corruption is like adding Ghee/fuel to fire that will never stop the fire.

Corruption is of people's resource including efforts & funds.

The best way is to stop accepting any thing & everything that Govt. wants us to give or take...

Starting from:
· We don’t want their Birth or Death certificate. ( a person can be bourn or die without Govt. certificate)

· We don’t want their education that they govern or their service or money that they print.

· We interact with nature & make our living & there by support member of family /community/society/village/sate/nation/world

· Nature has every recourse in abundance, more we work, more we get.. so no need to compromise, work as required to get from the nature. We be able our selves, thereby we cut dependency of other people's governance.

· As individual, we discipline ourselves that we be governed by laws of nature but not of people. This will surly bring down the corruption to Zero, as system of nature upon which we depend, shall not change to be corrupt. This is the best state of anti corruption & freedom.

· So please, let the sequence start from people (& not by the Government) to stop all interaction with Government, be able, be caring to each other & work to interact with nature to cater our needs from individual to the planet/ "Vasudha eav a Kutumb kum"

· Sanatan culture is set of constants of nature, has given us clues of all our question .. So let us know it thoroughly... let this be our fundamental education that makes each of us so able that we don't need to be corrupt to be of help to the other.. ( without short-circuiting)

This seed of thinking ( Vichar Beej) shall surely take us to purity & freedom of souls

S.P. Mehta. (+1 312 608 9836)

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K S Venkataraman said...

Corruption can be eliminated only by effective administrative and legal measures. Improving the individuals' attitude and governmental policy are only preparatory steps.
I do not deny the importance of this spadework. I only want to insist that concrete legal framework and policy directives are essential to wipe out corruption. If such measures have to be formulated and implemented, it needs political power.
Without political power, we may whine and whimper; but cannot destroy the power supporting corruption at all levels.
The people are the source of political power. Their minds have been polluted and they stand divided in the name of religion, caste, language and region, due to the political chicanery.
We should remove thorn only by another thorn. We should bring into being a super-political organization and turn the mass in the right direction. This is the first step, if at all correction has to be eliminated in India.