Saturday, July 5, 2008

Let Bhartiya = Hindu be at Home in Bharat

Dear Readers,

Disrespect to Hindus in Bharat by so called buracracy (people’s servents) & ruling party at centre is greatly disturbing.

It is time that all of us express solidarity to boycott govrnment mechinary, untill they abolish such disrespectful acts & actions & come out with positive norms, established to restore Hindu’s esteem such that none have to demand or fight for it.

If the Govt. admistration don’t do … they don’t get what they want from us.

The Govet. System is supported by less then 2% poppulation… they can’t play with us … we are more then 98 %

We have won the battle against Ruling Govt.( British) in recent past… & we can repeat the same any time from now to future.

Æ All in Bharat are Bharatiya & stand at par with no special catagorical advantage – so abolish the acts of minority rights & subsidy supports etc.

Æ All those who want special rights, must stay as ex-patriate in Bharat. & get their stay renewd every 3 years basis similar to what is done in most of the Arab countries in middle-eastern region + Loose right to owning properties or enterpraunership unless sponsored by Bhartiya or intigrate with fundamental Hindus in Bharat.

Æ Those who are ex-petriate in Bharat don’t gat Post in Peopal’s service above class 4 staff.

Æ I draw attention to Shri Pravin Togadia’s attachment as given above + support to make the roll of each of us to get unchallangable identity as Bhartiya = Hindu

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