Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28, 2008.


In the present day life, family units have grown smaller & smaller & era of industrial/mass production /marketing prevails with the economic advantage passed to the end user.

It is about time that the modern construction industry co-ordinate to use local raw-materials + create unified housing schemes & make it available to the end user in moderation such that lot of human energy is conserved to better life rather then struggling to survive to make ends meet.

If the housing problem is supported from the ruling chairs of democracies at cost, the common men shall experience stability & enhance ability to excel & can contribute to betterment of the society. Mass housing sachems to address need of each age group segments & its allotments at cost, can cater need of the society + address the high speculation in property cost, to take away the burden from the back of the common men.

For family of 2 or 4 is trend in present society, where money makes such rulings, rather then blessings of God & joys of natural cycles of life; No need for 400 Sq. Mts. House.

Dormitory for youth & elderly with common kitchen facility, 2 ~ 3 BHK apartments for House/family holders till children are past age 16, 1 BHK apartments are for retired couples are needs as per cycle of life at different age.

Small apartments from 60 to 150 sq. Mts. (1 to 3 BHK Apartments) + community living at cost are richer options then anxiety of “Bigger is better” with which nothing is achieved, westfulness is only generated.

Alternatively, 3 generations from 12 to 16 Pax. living under one roof & using common felicity of  3~4 BHK (of area aprox. 6.5~8.0 Sq. Mt./pax) apartment could be most efficient living & blessings to the society for love, affection & support to each-other kind of selflessness family unity. 

All of us are to go away from this world empty handed.
so we can belong to society BUT why posses??

Ownership of place to live & its maintenance expanses + anxiety attached to it are causes of un-rest in the society

So let us democratically adapt to “Live & Let Live” avoiding wastefulness from our life & make this world a better place to live.

S.P. Mehta. 
Present Tel # +1 312 608 9836

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Shirish Dave said...

Yes, Shaileshbhai, we will have to go towards multilayer (Not less than 10 to 25 storied depending upon the area and likely expansion). Similarly we will have to go towards multi layer farming for foodgrains and the plants having less than 10 feet hights. land will have to be used for growing trees viz for fruits and medicines and building material.

Besides this the buildings will have to be standardized with pre-casted construction elements viz. pillars, beams, fursh elements, grills, windows, doors, etc with mass productions in a geographical area to minimise transportaion and make them cheap. Kindly visit my site for Neo Sarvodayism.

It is not impossible to put a liberal upper limit. If one is unemployes and a citizen of India can be given a place for sleeping with common toilet and bath room with some nominal charge. This can be recovered by giving him some labor job.