Monday, April 28, 2008

Strength of WOMEN

Women are far far above men.. as she is creator & ‘Janani’ on the planet earth..

She is the centre of the society… all that happens revolve around the strength of in-put by women.

Of her own, women will never gather strength to rebel… or she will be knocked down… But if, in the system of nature, the place & strength of women is understood…, respected… & is assured fearlessness, she keeps strength to turn this planet in to haven…

Hence, With full understanding about her potential, let us all, place her on a higher pedestal with highest dignity & respect & let-us all look for better tomorrow without any if-s or But-s.

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April 28, 2008.


In the present day life, family units have grown smaller & smaller & era of industrial/mass production /marketing prevails with the economic advantage passed to the end user.

It is about time that the modern construction industry co-ordinate to use local raw-materials + create unified housing schemes & make it available to the end user in moderation such that lot of human energy is conserved to better life rather then struggling to survive to make ends meet.

If the housing problem is supported from the ruling chairs of democracies at cost, the common men shall experience stability & enhance ability to excel & can contribute to betterment of the society. Mass housing sachems to address need of each age group segments & its allotments at cost, can cater need of the society + address the high speculation in property cost, to take away the burden from the back of the common men.

For family of 2 or 4 is trend in present society, where money makes such rulings, rather then blessings of God & joys of natural cycles of life; No need for 400 Sq. Mts. House.

Dormitory for youth & elderly with common kitchen facility, 2 ~ 3 BHK apartments for House/family holders till children are past age 16, 1 BHK apartments are for retired couples are needs as per cycle of life at different age.

Small apartments from 60 to 150 sq. Mts. (1 to 3 BHK Apartments) + community living at cost are richer options then anxiety of “Bigger is better” with which nothing is achieved, westfulness is only generated.

Alternatively, 3 generations from 12 to 16 Pax. living under one roof & using common felicity of  3~4 BHK (of area aprox. 6.5~8.0 Sq. Mt./pax) apartment could be most efficient living & blessings to the society for love, affection & support to each-other kind of selflessness family unity. 

All of us are to go away from this world empty handed.
so we can belong to society BUT why posses??

Ownership of place to live & its maintenance expanses + anxiety attached to it are causes of un-rest in the society

So let us democratically adapt to “Live & Let Live” avoiding wastefulness from our life & make this world a better place to live.

S.P. Mehta. 
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Get Paid, Then Offer SERVICES

TO All The Service Providers
Get Paid, Then Offer Services

Most of the payer especially responsible staff to effect payment, eat-up lot of time of the payment receiver & slows down the flow of the system causing great deal of hindrance under one or the other reasons.

They don’t respect the natural law of give & take but expects fruits without sowing seeds & nurturing plant !! ?? Also demand Gurantee to effect payment as part of their obligation to the agreement/order but grossly ignores value of in-put of the service provider. Why??

It is high time that all service providers (major or minor) Follow the norm of providing service after receiving the payment. When service provided… it can not be either free of cost or refundable as the effort to provide service can not be un-done.

The receiver of the service must check all aspects, be convinced + Pay for its value, before receiving the service.

In worst scenario, the value of refund could be in kind (not cash) = 70 % of the order value. The balance àcost of time & effort ß that gets lost in effecting service that can not be un-done.

The Service provider & receiver both must understand & accept this system as Norms to provide/receive service.

The service provider needs to patiently wait until the buyer fully understands the service that shall be received & get paid for it, before he/she gets in to action. This can apply to employment as well.

These shall cut down lot of short-circuiting caused by devious ness of the payment effectors + shall prove it Not Working

These shall also strengthen the worthiness of the service provider & bring the best out of him/her, as there is no confusion whether they will get paid or not or half-hearted effort shall vanish.

We are living in the society where most of the buyers pay first & then receive the service , where service Provider are Institutions & receivers are individuals, like from supermarket , fast food, courier & postal, travel, passport & Visa, Health, school & collage etc..

When such institutions need our services, we need to receive the payment for it first & then provide service….. All of us need to understand & adhere to this understanding.

Even a King when he needs his hair-cut done, he needs to do all that hair dressers ask him to do first, before he can get the hair-cut/dressed. A vehicle will not reach the owner to destination if the owner promise under any agreement, to fuel after the destination is reached. àGet paid to provide serviceß is that obvious.

So please all the contractors & service providers, Please set your norms right, perfect your services, get paid & then offer your valuable services, & Please don’t let the non productive bankers earn out of your heard earn money to please those who think they are paying in advance.

Let us all make the world better/peaceful place to live.


S.P. Mehta.

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Eternal Truth

“ What I Believe In" Date: March,1995.

Eternal Truth

Mr. President, fellow members & guests:

I am at privilege to present my 2nd speech before you; and the subject is ‘What I believe In’. I sincerely wish my beliefs are to your interest.

Unlike many others, we human are the distinguished creation of the nature. We are able to think, study, understand & choose what we want to be/to do. I believe we must make the fullest use of these of our ability through out the life with full understanding and knowledge.

I believe in the eternal truths of the life such as:

v We are born without our wish.

v The most precious of all – Our life – is the gift of God ‘Free-of-cost’.

v The life itself is a journey form start to finish at a very constant pace.

v We enter and exit this passage ‘Empty – Handed’.

v We make living by what we get BUT make life by what we give.

With the above facts, I believe to begin living, with the end in mind: By-

v Studying the precision & regularity or the cycle of nature.

v Understand my position in the cycle of nature in each given Circumstance.

v Choosing to contribute more to the nature by being creative.

v Even accept the death as an achievement.

Every dawn is the first day of the rest of the life. May God give me enlightenment & friends give me support to live what I believe in.

Thank you all very much.