Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why GST ?? !! Is there a better option ?? Please read this

Why GST ?? !! Is there a better option ?? Please read this 

I saw scholarly debate on GST in LS on March 29, 2017.

On the count of effort by the ruling Government to unify the tax to be collected of the effort of a common citizen, it may be good but there was no attempt to set free the common man from the bondage of Govt. depth.
The attempt need to be the money cost for all goods-services to be as low as possible & it be constant such that need/greed of money dies down.
An individual, who is not allowed to produce money, simply cannot pay any tax in terms of money.
Govt. need money to pay their salary & national development program that are for common good for all & that they can print & put in to circulation against national human & natural resource.
The element of human resource is productive for 25% of life span out of which 20 % can be assumed as tax to the National development program, that Government need to administrate. People are poor of money because bad administration of the Government but not poor of ability.
So each individual is employed by the Government for the period of say 10 years between their age 16 & 41 years, that is their highest energy years, Nation gets best of the efforts of the human resource + rewarded with enough Government produced Money such that the need & the greed of money dies down & the focus is on the Quality of life, living & National Development for which, enough Government created money is always available.
As it is, natural resource including land is free of money cost. All the money required is for human efforts that too for barter-ability. Otherwise, all are born & die free of the permission of the Government & live for free of money cost by their own ability & interaction with the Mother Nature. Mother Nature gives back in abundance in return of little human effort such that everyone has enough to live & prosper without the need of money.
What Government need to do is instead of taxing the common individual /every one for their honest efforts & natural living rights to be prosperous by their ability & interaction with nature; Government need to Pay-in Cash each individual, for the period of 10 years by taking their services for the National Development agenda Instead of asking for the payment of tax in form of cash/money.
The part of the National Development program need to be
-- Creating infrastructure to cater Roti-Kapda-Makaan for all at all the times.& Reinstate the spirit of family unity fortress, that provides protection & education to live for eachother.
-- Keep out of being "Trader" to any service, instead as much as possible make all facilities either free or of low price-tag to just cover the cost.
-- Provide energy to all free of cost or at as low cost as possible; that generates best productivity & Comfort to all individuals.
-- Create Quality infrastructure to comfortable mobility across the Nation such that all human energy is integrated & add-in ability to live/work anywhere, that may avoid polarization to uncomfortable only city life.
-- Create schooling/Learning program based on Vedic Norms/Constant Laws of Nature that makes each one able for living & performing (in line with nature’s law), starting at the age 16 years..  Higher education in their work field with practical while working. By virtue of education, make each one “Yog-Pravin” such that they do their duty with full concentration of mind & body, that they always do their job right the first time & with practice in speed such that they don’t need to be supervised.
-- Replace present Health-Care with Life Saving Aurvedic health care & its knowledge as fundamental learning in early years of life.
-- Create 5 zones to replace all states & central territory to reduce non producing governance cost.
-- Link Value of Money & commodity to gold & Humen work-hour standard to fix cost for ever.
-- Abolish pension scheme to Govt. employees & replace it with Social security to all for their survival skills in inability years.
-- Adopt “Jeevan-Lakshi” Ideology & get away from ideology ruled by capitalism.. to regain/scale culturally advance civilization, that world population may want to copy..

All this was living style in Bhaarat before British brought in their education & money + administration to ruin Bhaartiya Asmita.
Past 70 years of Independence in Bhaarat & now with BJP & Individuals like PM NaMo & Sate CM Aditynaath & their supporting team in Ruling chair, this is simply possible.
Not only them to do things But as an individual, even we need to live this vision as member of family, society & Nation.

Yes it is possible. 

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