Saturday, March 7, 2009

Let Us Celebrate 'HOLI' The Riots of Colour

Mar. 07, 2009

As such every one is being selfish & attempt to perform for own self….. Hence don’t enjoy doing things for others..

Then to get encouraged to do something for someone… we expect reward…. Such reward becomes gole & doing/performing becomes burden…. Hence slavery…

All the employment & work contracts are in other words

But when it comes to mother… she does every thing for child out of love towards the child without the expectation of reward….

This is the first example of
LABOUR OF LOVE. It is the act of self-less ness by each of us that bring happiness to soul.

When we see the progressing nature around, we are able to visualize force of destruction & creation as a continuous cycle; like a seed transform in to a plant, a bud transforming in to flower & flower transforming in to fruit…. & again a seed.

In the process, the former gets destroyed & then re incurred as a cycle of nature.

Same cycle goes on in the living kingdoms… to which human belong ….

As such, the entire system works, with-out the expectation of reward, as a part of cycle of nature.

This force of work, which is constant of past-present & future, we recognize as supernatural power & identify as GOD.

In human kind, the present world of commerce takes toll of all the natural instincts towards relations. All relations & natural duties towards each of the relations are justified wrongly.

Thus all relations are corrupted for advantage or disrespected, justifying “ for what I am doing it ?? !!” only to exhibit utter selfishness + disrespect the supernatural power, thus THE GOD.

The forces of nature that has given us life & nourishment have done nothing wrong to us, that we loose trust in it or GOD.

So Why we don’t trust GOD?? An Answer to this question needs soul searching…

The money have lost its luster in present so called economic turmoil.. In fact money was never dependable…

“Chetna” the “life” in each of us, friend & foe, itself is identity of GOD like a drop of water of ocean bears the identity of ocean. To perform selflessly is fundamental natureof each of us, like the mother performs…

Let-us up-lift the “Chetna” in each of us by simple encouragement & trust. Let us experience the world changing like change in season.

Now is the right time, as dependencies on MONEY have lost its luster. So let us restore all human to human relations between Family, Community, Nation & The World.

Let the short-circuit of corruption die down… Let-us perform the duty as a constant cycle of nature to get the reward of

Let us experience the up-coming season of Spring & celebrate riots of ‘HOLI’ colours

Happy ‘HOLI’
S.P. Mehta
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