Monday, July 7, 2008

Sanatan Looked As Social Identity

I respect comments by all friends on the issue of Sanatan looked as DHARMIC / Social Identity.

Sanatan is constancy in the forces of nature.

One thing we all must remember..... that above all we are natural habitants of planet & have to live & lead our life governed by the forces of nature, which gives in abundance in return of little effort. It has every thing plenty for every one of us.

Also the system of life is one-way trek. So called Hindu is basically follower of the constants of nature, because It (constant of nature) does not change because of opinion of mine or yours.

The most advance person is the one who practice this constancy of nature to his advantage & lead better life. This practice is called Dhrma (Not what is written in various Books)

It needs knowledge & trust to learn constancy in system of nature & adopt the same instead talk about it.....then the on-looker shall call him religious or successful person.

Irrespective of what others would say or think, the staunch follower to natural constants, is contented inhabitant of this planet & lives peaceful " SHUNGARSH-PURNA but ANANDMAY" life.

This system followed By more living souls create the great planet.

I am following (not preaching) & a happy soul committed to Lord living in my CHETNA

Are you too...???

S.P. Mehta
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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Let Bhartiya = Hindu be at Home in Bharat

Dear Readers,

Disrespect to Hindus in Bharat by so called buracracy (people’s servents) & ruling party at centre is greatly disturbing.

It is time that all of us express solidarity to boycott govrnment mechinary, untill they abolish such disrespectful acts & actions & come out with positive norms, established to restore Hindu’s esteem such that none have to demand or fight for it.

If the Govt. admistration don’t do … they don’t get what they want from us.

The Govet. System is supported by less then 2% poppulation… they can’t play with us … we are more then 98 %

We have won the battle against Ruling Govt.( British) in recent past… & we can repeat the same any time from now to future.

Æ All in Bharat are Bharatiya & stand at par with no special catagorical advantage – so abolish the acts of minority rights & subsidy supports etc.

Æ All those who want special rights, must stay as ex-patriate in Bharat. & get their stay renewd every 3 years basis similar to what is done in most of the Arab countries in middle-eastern region + Loose right to owning properties or enterpraunership unless sponsored by Bhartiya or intigrate with fundamental Hindus in Bharat.

Æ Those who are ex-petriate in Bharat don’t gat Post in Peopal’s service above class 4 staff.

Æ I draw attention to Shri Pravin Togadia’s attachment as given above + support to make the roll of each of us to get unchallangable identity as Bhartiya = Hindu