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It is proven fact that currency is the product of printing press.... In relation to time.. the same product sold at the different number of unit of currency represents its direct proof of more currency is printed & put in to circulation.
Following idea is worth exploring for practice in Bharat to revalue the medium of exchange.
1) Destroy the present constitution.
2) Adopt the new constitution based on the norms of Manusmruti, Vedanta & Upanishads. Declare Bharat at Sanatan Dharmi Nation.
3) Introduce Gurukul like learning places in each Taluka of the nation where heighest emphesis be on  'Saral/simple', 'The Perfact' & nothing less then 'The Best ' be the basic attitude learning. ( for age group 6 to 16 years)
4) Let the teacher be 50 years + in age & Principal of 65 years of age + work as volunteer in pair of Husband & Wife.
5) Replace e present Rupee currency with the new Mudra with following exchange value:, constant for 25 years.
10 Mudra = 1 gram of gold = 50 grams of silvar = 10 kgs. of grain = 8 Kgs of fruit + 4 Kgs. of Veg. = 4 kgs of  green spice = 2 Kgs. of dry spice = 2 kgs of cloth = 30 working hours. A avrage income for the family of 6 pex to be equivalent to Aprox. 20 Gr. Gold/ month.. Income io savings ratio to be avrage 25%
( i have lived in such Bharat post Independence)
6) Barter the finished goods only for export trade. Export of Minerals strictly prohibited.
7) Import trade strictly in exchange of Bhartiya Mudra, to the above ratio of value.
8) "Hand made in Bharat" be bold & Very highly respectable label, adhered to be used by all Bhartiya on anywhere on the planet especially for daily food & clothing.
9) Unite country in 5 zone/states to administrate, ie N S E W & Centre.  Each Having Special study centre, having Audio- visual exhibits for understanding up to Vedanta & Upanishads + Smaruties that can be understood even by low IQ withing less then 2 weeks interaction.
10 )  'Samay Daan' to nation in replacement of income tax  for 4 years in youth( between age 18 to 25 ) + 4 years in old age (between age 50 & 65 years.)  in exchange of military like lodging - boarding facilities. Replacing all types of taxes/Levies/Duties that people pay to the government in cash.. Instead, Government pay in money form to each individual for 10 years & use that human input for Besic/infrastructure like development of the nation to benifit all. 
Such moves can remove poverty from roots & can generate quality work culture + reduce bribe culture as every one will have money.. Government pension  scheme for life time need to be reduced to 10 years Max.
May  i invite expressions of views from members of the community, to appropriately modify & effectively work with the ideas such as above..
This may be only the beginning ... many norms will have to be added as walk on this path..
More ideas to be explored in near future.
Kindly Respond... ..SP

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Dr. Subramanian Swamy on Corruption & Cure at NJ USA

Link: Dr. Subramanian Swamy on Corruption & Cure at NJ USA

Please hear / view 12 clips about "Corruption & Cure" by Dr. Subramanian Swami.. (from Youtube) speeches given at  NJ-USA.. + 2 clips on Hindu Dharma..

Please feel free to share the same..

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My Version of Shreemad Bhagvad Geeta + Gujarati collection

Shreemad Bhagvad Geeta - Spast Aadesh
Shreemad Bhagvad geeta - Prashnottar
SP's Gujarati Collection 07.11.'11

July 11, 2011.

My pleasure to share my version of Shreemad Bhagvad Geeta in the form of Prashnottar (Q & A) & Spast Aadesh (clear instructions) in Gujarati as composed by be aprox. a year back, of which the link is given above.

Also my pleasure to post link of My Gujarati collection...

Kindly take time to browse & enjoy its content. 

Please feel free to share the same with friends..

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Be Vegiterian

This seems very informative link what to eat & what not to eat..

Please viwe the same & get informed about facts to be adopted to better life..

S.P. Mehta

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Did You Know?

March 26, 2011

Please see the attached Clip...  Did you Know?
If it is true & it looks true.... So what will happen to the current school/collage education structure & social norms... In reality, it shall take us back to basics... after the destruction by revolt for not having the work to do & not able to sustain the living.
Either natural or War disaster may become the reason to start all over again from the basics...
In respect of the modern development that could not sustain the progress of only 1/2 century, It will encourage many of us to think how superior is the Sanatan norms of that had sustain the progress & society of thousands of years...

S.P. Mehta
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Bharat did for us..

Mar. 15, 2011.


Please view the clips below to find what Bharat did for us..

This is created by BBC.

The message is : while we in Bharat are more often, blindly be the follower of the what/how done in west, the westerners are humbally in reserch of the origins of the culture & they, with high esteem look up to Bharat..

Let us all know our culture  to regain our esteem.. This vedios shall hepl the process.

S.P. Mehta
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What Bharat did for us

Sunday, January 2, 2011

We Are What We Eat....

Dear Readers,

We are what we eat...

We all have option to enjoy what we eat & leave..

Off late.. we enjoy to buy, eat & leave..

Is this 2nd option better for us?? !!

The following clip revel some alarming research to caution us...

Please see for yourself..

Share it if you feel appropriate..
S.P. Mehta

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